1st Model United Nations

Title:How can digital media influence the way students from all

over the world work together?

An investigation based on my experiences at the Model UN in Falun in 2018.

Project time frame: 19.3. – 22.3.2018

Written for CertiLingua®

2nd Title: In how far does the north-south divide in Europe portray itself in student groups from Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish and German schools when working together on a project?

Project time frame: 27.11 – 01.12.2017

Written for CertiLingua®

Further, there are two Word documents in German:

1. A Workshop on Upcycling

2. A Workshop on Migration

both are interesting examples that can be understood just by looking at the included materials

Workshop-Migration.docx (68 downloads) 1-Portemonaie.docx (68 downloads) CertilinguaDocLisbonmeeting.pdf (73 downloads) The-Climate-Change-Karina-Askerova-4.pptx (62 downloads) MUN_FalunCertiLinguaDocumentation.pdf (80 downloads)